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Things to know about filling

Filling; In the process we call old age, Hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin moist, taut, bright and present in our connective tissues, decreases. The skin, which is not moist and whose resistance is weakened, becomes dull, wrinkled and sags.

The cheeks hollow in places, and even the lips become thinner. Dermal filling applications are frequently used to remove lines, fill hollows and deformations. Those who are afraid of surgical procedures that ensure tissue regeneration on the skin will now rejuvenate with Hyaluronic Acid Filler.

Hyaluronic Acid settles easily under the skin, supports deformed tissues, adds volume, and creates a natural appearance. One of the most used ingredients in filler injection applications is Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid has been used safely for a long time in the balanced volumetric restructuring of the facial shape. It easily settles under the skin and supports the tissues that deform, hollow and wrinkle over time, add volume and a natural appearance is obtained as a result.

Moreover, the skin never bears an operation scar. It can also be used safely on cheek cavities, forehead edges, around the orbitals, lines from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth, lips, the backs of the hands and forehead.

Filling applications under the skin is performed to remove fine and deep wrinkles on the skin, remove sagging, to treat scars, to eliminate pits on the skin, to thicken thin lips, to shape lips, to shape cheekbones. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important building blocks of the body and is found almost everywhere, from blood vessels to internal organs, from the skin to the joints.

Hyaluronic acid is the main building material of connective tissue. It is found mostly in baby skin. Hyaluronic acid forms the cell matrix that gives vitality, brightness, moisture, tone and tension to the skin. The aging process in the skin accelerates due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid starting from the age of 25-30.

The skin begins to lose its vitality, brightness and elasticity with the decrease of hyaluronic acid. The skin, which is not moist and whose resistance is weakened, becomes dull, wrinkled and sagging. Cheeks hollow in places, wrinkles occur, and even the lips become thinner.

We can also benefit from fillings to delay the aging process before these problems occur. Externally administered pure hyaluronic acid will increase the skin’s defense system and regress the aging process.

*Hyaluronic Acid applications in dermatology regress the aging process of the skin, ensuring that the skin has a younger and healthier structure, and this healthy skin structure remains younger despite the passage of time.

Natural fillers contain pure hyaluronic acid that does not contain any foreign molecules. These stimulate the youth-giving components of the skin tissue and ensure their regeneration. Giving Pure Hyaluronic acid to the skin is an extremely reliable and beneficial application.

Hyaluronic acid is used in some skin serums, wrinkle treatments, cell renewal (tissue regeneration) in medicine. It is also used in many areas in the field of orthopedics as injections to help regenerate knee, shoulder and cartilage tissue. It is used as a filler with a formula that has high volume and moisturizing ability and is 100 percent pure.

The effect of volume and rejuvenation can be done together… With the natural filling application, it is used both to renew the visible surface of the skin, moisturize and add shine, and in areas that need volume that have been subjected to loss of elasticity, tissue meltdown, and facial hollowing.

Can men have fillers?

The skin of both men and women loses its elasticity as a result of the decrease in hyaluronic acid under the skin with age. As a result of this loss, sagging, hollows and wrinkles can occur. In general, the common opinion is that the application is done to women, but the use of dermal fillers for volume and shaping in men gives natural-looking results.

How long does the injection process take?

The injection process takes only 10-15 minutes if it is applied by experts.

How long before the procedure displays results?

It gives immediate results as soon as the procedure is performed. Filling procedures performed in accordance with the facial anatomy and proportions give a natural appearance from the outside.

Is the procedure painful?

In the past, the application included some discomfort. However, with new technological applications, local anesthetic substances can also be included in the fillings. This provides a more comfortable application. In addition, local anesthetic applications performed before the procedure also help people with low pain thresholds to be more comfortable.

When can one return to normal life after the filling application?

The application can be made at any time, for example, even during the lunch break for employees, after which they can easily return to their normal life or work.

Will there be an artificial look after the procedure?

There is a possibility that the artificial look can be formed with poor quality filling materials. With fillings that are not excessive, which are made by experienced hands, the most suitable and natural appearance is obtained.

How long does the filling take?

The effectiveness of the filler depends on many factors such as the age of the person, skin structure, elasticity, properties, amount and quality of the injected filler. However, the duration of the action of hyaluronic acid-derived dermal fillers is about one year.

Hand Rejuvenation with Filler Over the years, some aging-related images occur on the hands due to loss of collagen as a result of skin aging and sun damage. However, the main problem is volume loss. The soft and compact appearance leaves to an appearance in which veins, tendons and bones come to the fore over the years.

In recent years, hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium crystals have been used to regain the lost volume in the skin of the hands. Volume loss can be replaced with dermal fillers.

While the vascular structures under the skin are erased, a more vivid appearance can be achieved with moistening and volume increase in the skin. Since the application can be painful, a painless procedure can be achieved with local anesthesia before hand filling application.

What are the Risks in Hand Rejuvenation with Filling?

Temporary bruising may occur with damage to the vascular structures in the application area. As in all filling applications, infection is among the possible complications, albeit very rarely, in cases where antiseptic is not taken care of.

It has been reported that results lasting up to 12 months can be obtained with hyaluronic acid fillers (Teosyal kiss, Juvaderm Volbella, Restylane lip voluma) applied to shape and thicken the lips.

With the filling process made with hyaluronic acid, the thin lip structure can be plumped, the lip contour can be accentuated, and the asymmetry of the lips, if any, can be corrected.

What kind of procedures can be performed on the lips with fillers containing hyaluronic acid?

Volume can be added to the lower and upper lips, lip contours can be formed to the junction of both halves of the upper lip (Cupid’s Bow) and made more prominent. It can delete fine lines above the upper lip (Barcode lines, Smoker lines).

What are the risks when lip augmentation is performed?

Lip filling applications are relatively more difficult than other filling applications. Lip edema, bruising, hematoma, infection, bruising and, rarely, arterial occlusion are among the most important risks.

Facial Fillers are substances that are used to add volume to the face, fill in wrinkles and lines, shape cheeks and cheekbones, and are injected into the skin. Under-eye fillers are among the indications for use in reducing the darkness around the eyes and in the under-eye orbital area and smoothing the lines.

Detention filling also called light filling is a special filler that is claimed to have a restorative and regulating effect in retention with amino acids added to its content, other than hyaluronic acid. Percent volume loss may be due to the displacement of fat pads with age or structural reasons.

Filling applications on the cheek and cheekbones can be effective in alleviating sagging in the area close to the chin. At the same time, the deep nasolabial lines and the lines at the rim of the mouth can be regain volume by filling. Facial fillers can be combined with other applications to strengthen the effect.

These include laser skin tightening, botulunim toxin (b0t0x, Dysport), skin rejuvenation lasers. Nose Filler Hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium crystals (Radiesse) can be used to correct the curvatures in the nose and lift the nose up. It is necessary to pay attention to the vascular structures during the procedure.

It has been reported that hyaluronic acid fillers last for 12-18 months, and Radiesse fillers for 18-24 months. The use of under-eye Light filler and creams that support the under-eye skin and strengthen the connective tissue are the best to treat and prevent under-eye bruises and bagging.

Regular and long-term use of targeted eye creams will at least have a protective effect and prevent the problem from increasing. Apart from this, some interventional applications such as filler injections, peeling around the eyes and dermatherapy around the eyes are also performed. Among these treatment approaches, the fastest and most obvious result is the under-eye filling applications.

Although there are different options according to the age of the person, the degree of bruising and bagging, and social position, the most popular and effective is “under eye light filling”. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, “Under-eye light filler” both gives fullness and has a therapeutic effect on bruises and bags.

Therefore, with regular applications, it is possible to regress as well as correct the appearance of the problem. While the hyaluronic acid in its content gives the fullness and volume effect, it also has a therapeutic effect thanks to the vitamins, stain-opening substances and amino acids it contains.

How long does the under-eye light fill application take?

It is an application that takes 10-15 minutes.

Is it a painful application?

The filler contains lidocaine, that is, a pain reliever. Therefore, the application is not painful.

Is it a dangerous application?

In our center, the application is not done with a needle, but with a cannula with a blunt tip and no cutting or penetrating effect. So it is not dangerous.

What changes occur in the skin afterward?

No swelling or edema is observed. The person can return to his normal daily life immediately. Rarely, there may be bruises that go away in a few days and can be easily covered.

When does the effect occur?

The effect occurs immediately after application. It continues to increase over time.

How long is the effect?

It is between 6 months and 1 year. With regular and consecutive applications, this period is extended.

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