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Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics; Deformities in the genital area may be present at birth or develop later for various reasons (birth, accident, etc.).

These deformities in the genital area can have a negative impact on a woman’s sex life and even her daily life, and can cause serious problems such as alienation from sexual intercourse and even obsession or anxiety over time.

Female external genital organs consist of the hairy upper part under the navel, which we call mons pubis, labia major hairy outer lips, labia minor hairless inner lips, the upper junction of the clitoris labia minors, the maidenhead, which we call the hymen, is the membranous layer at the vaginal entrance.

Some of these external anatomical structures can be undeveloped, underdeveloped, asymmetrically developed or overdeveloped in some young women. As a woman gets to know her body, these differences in her genital area can create problems for her.

During the first sexual intercourse, bleeding should ocur when the hymen ruptures which sometimes does not happen in a type of congenital hymen and this can sometimes pose a problem for both the young woman and her husband.

Therefore, a woman who has reached the sexual maturity should get to know her external genital system by having a routine examination before starting an active sex life.

Which Genital Aesthetic Surgeries Are Frequently Applied?

Labiaplasty (Removal of deformities of the small lips)

Clitoropexy (Clitoris reduction)

Hymen rehabilitation

Vagina Tightening

What is Labiaplasty? Why is it done?

One of the most common genital aesthetic problems is the size of the outer and inner lips and sagging. The inner labia (labia minor) form the curved structures that extend from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal entrance.

In some women, it is considered natural for the inner lips to overflow a little from the outer lips. However, although the length of the lips hanging from the outer lips does not pose a medical problem, it distorts the aesthetic appearance and pushes the woman to seek a solution.

Sometimes the labia majora (labium majus) can be structurally longer, larger or asymmetrical than normal.

In this case, the labia can be stretched by the penis during sexual intercourse and this can cause pain. For all these reasons, the labia can be reduced to their normal size with therapeutic and cosmetic surgery.

Asymmetry – if any – can be corrected. A Labiaplasty operation can also be applied to women who have not given birth before. The procedure can even be done on virgins without jeopardizing the hymen.

Labiaplasty surgery takes 30-40 minutes under local or general anesthesia, and suture removal is not an issue as dissolving stitches are used. This surgery does not harm the hymen, it does not cause any harm or hindrance to sexual intercourse, orgasm, conception and childbirth.

After the operation, there is no problem with urination, there is no excessive pain and burning in the operation area. Wound healing is completed in a week. You can have sexual intercourse 3-4 weeks after the operation. From the outside, the surgical scar is not noticeable. You can take a shower after 2 days.

What is Clitoropexy Surgery?

As we all know, the Clitoris and G-Spot play a key role in sexual arousal. The clitoris is the equivalent of the male glans penis, and it is a structure that increases in volume during sexual arousal, which we call EROGEN.

In some women, the skin fold on the clitoris may be excessive and this can cause the clitoris to appear large and deformed. In addition to this anatomical and aesthetic problem, it can also cause problems in orgasm and sexual pleasure by reducing – preventing the stimulation of the clitoris.

In women, an excessively large clitoris causes discomfort when wearing swimsuits or tight dresses, trousers, tights, etc., and this has a negative impact on the social life of the woman.

In women who have such problems, we can remove the excess skin fold on the clitoris with aesthetic surgical methods, and thus, by downsizing the clitoris, we both improve the aesthetic appearance and eliminate problems in achieving pleasure in sexual intercourse and orgasm of the patient.

Surgery to reduce the clitoris surgically is called CLITOROPEXY (clitoropexy) and very good results can be obtained both in women with sexual arousal disorders and in cases that cause problems in terms of aesthetic appearance.

How is Clitoropexy Surgery done?

Cliteropexy surgery is a surgical procedure that can be performed under examination conditions and takes an average of 25-30 minutes. Generally, the procedure can be performed under general anesthesia, and if necessary, excessively large labium minus (small lips) together with the clitoris can be aesthetically corrected by labiaplasty surgery. Since the procedure does not damage the hymen, this procedure can also be applied to virgins.

What is the Purpose of Hymen Repair Surgery?

The hymen can be repaired by suturing, where success depends on when it was compromised and the response of the tissues. The main purpose of hymen repair surgery is to restore the membrane to its former anatomical structure and ensure bleeding during the first sexual intercourse.

Hymen implantation can be done regardless of the number of sexual intercourse and when the intercourse takes place, it can even be applied to those who have given birth.

Why is Vagina Tightening Surgery Needed?

Slackness and looseness in the vagina will cause problems in orgasm for both partners. Vaginal enlargement and related sexual problems can be corrected by narrowing the vagina with a simple surgical operation.

Under epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia, a longitudinal piece is removed from the posterior wall of the vagina, and the cut edges are stitched together, and the excess part in the vagina is removed. The operation takes about half an hour and does not require hospitalization.

Today, with the development of laser technologies and their widespread use in medicine, the vaginal tightening procedure can be performed with an intervention that takes 15-20 minutes without the need for general anesthesia. Vaginal tightening with laser is an extremely comfortable, painless procedure that results in the expected effect for the patient.

Vaginal tightening surgery, which is performed on women with such complaints, will both relieve the woman psychologically and eliminate the sexual reluctance, etc. caused by slackness.

Another problem related to deliveries that promotes discontent is suture marks left by episiotomy or postpartum tears. The scar tissue that develops can prevent sexual satisfaction of both women and men. This problem can be corrected with surgery.

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