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Mesotherapy, which is the most demanded subject in aesthetic dermatology today, constitutes the most exclusive treatment for facial aesthetics, hair treatments,spot slimming and cellulite. Mesotherapy is the process of injecting vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and some drugs under the skin or adipose tissue by mixing them. This way the desired area is reached quickly and productivity is increased.

It is not possible that all orally taken drugs, muscle or intravenous injections reach the relevant target organ. Therefore, the effect of the administered drug is limited. In addition, since the administered drugs spread to the whole body through the blood, they can also affect other organs or tissues.

Mesotherapy in general is a medical practice that controls or treats the problem areas with the administration of small amounts of drugs with special needles. In this method, since the general absorption of drugs into the body is very low, drug-induced side effects are minimized.

The number of injections made varies depending on the patient, the purpose of treatment and the anatomy of the area where the injection will be made.

Mesotherapy is used for cellulite and spot slimming, special applications around the eyes, skin problems (acne, increased oiliness, dullness, dryness, etc.), skin aging, spot treatment, antiaging purposes and in the treatment of hair loss.

  • Mesotherapy Usage Areas
  • Facial rejuvenation (Mesolifting)
  • Stretch Marks in Puberty and Pregnancy
  • Pock marks, acne, scars
  • Spot slimming and cellulite
  • Puffy eyes
  • Spot treatment
  • Hair and scalp treatment

What is Facial Mesotherapy (Mesolifting)?

The aim of facial mesotherapy is to eliminate the signs of aging (wrinkles, lifelessness, stains) on the face. The drugs used for this consist of vitamins, minerals and active substances that participate in DNA synthesis.

With the participation of these drugs in the skin metabolism, cell regeneration and collagen synthesis are stimulated. Thus, a more vivid, bright skin with alleviated wrinkles emerges. It is a supportive treatment suitable for applications such as botulinum toxin, filling and chemical peeling.

A total of 5-6 sessions once a week is usually sufficient. The number of sessions may vary depending on the patient’s medical condition. Permanence is maintained with a single session application every 6 months.

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