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Leg Aesthetics

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Leg Aesthetics

Leg aesthetics; Leg Aesthetics Surgery, muscular leg surgery, leg lifting aesthetics. Leg aesthetics Click for 2022 Prices..

This procedure is done to correct deformation or disproportion in the legs which is the area where aesthetic concerns appear the most. The crookedness or disproportion in the legs poses a problem for the leg area, which is one of the areas where aesthetic concerns appear the most.

The crooked leg correction application, on the other hand, corrects the existing disproportionate or non-aesthetic appearance caused by crookedness, enabling the patient to have extremely reasonable legs.

Most people who talk about not being able to wear skirts, dresses, tights or beach clothes due to possible problems in their legs indicate that this has made them lose their selfconfidence. Constantly trying to camouflage the problem with loose clothes both causes a waste of time and takes away the freedom of people.

Crooked leg correction operations that overcome all these problems are possible today.

Who are suitable candidates for leg aesthetic operation?

First a detailed examination of our patients who complain about their legs is carried out to decide whether an operation can be performed or not. Aesthetic problems that occur in suitable legs are divided into many parts.

It covers deformations such as thick legs, thin legs, ‘O’ bow legs, asymmetrical legs, ‘X’ bandy legs and wavy legs. Leg fat is most common in the hips, thighs and knees. This type of accumulated fat causes an unaesthetic appearance by making the legs look short and the hips low.

Matchstick Leg (Toothpick Leg) Aesthetics

Extreme thinness of the legs, known as matchstick legs, can be seen in both legs or in one leg. Silicone leg implants are placed between the calf muscles, providing volume in the problem area, and the thin leg is matched with the thickness of the other leg, or the prosthesis can be applied to both legs to and equalize them and eliminate any irregularity.

In mild crookedness of the leg, fat injections or stem cell fat injections can be made with the patient’s own fat tissues. If there is not enough fat tissue to solve the problem, Hyaluronic acid or aquafilling injections can be used.

Leg Thickening with stem cell fat injection

Fat injection with stem cells is the method I use most often. The patient’s own tissue is organic, does not cause allergies or does not create additional costs when applied too much. The permanence of the procedure increases to 60-70% when fat injection is combined with stem cells.

300-400 cc of fat can be transferred in a single session. The general donor area for the removal of adipose tissue is the abdomen. But fat can also be removed from the hips, buttocks, waist sides or upper legs. The extracted fat is injected into the legs.

Ankle circumference and intraknee region can also be included in the areas where fat is applied: Most of the patients are happy with a single session. However, a second session of fat injection can be applied after 3-6 months for patients with insufficient fat or who want more fullness.

Recovery is rapid. The person can be discharged from the hospital on the same day. After resting at home for a few days, he/she can return to his/her normal activities. Rest and leg elevation in the early period further accelerates recovery.

It is recommended that the patient wears below-knee compression stockings for 2-3 weeks after the application. Within 1 month, almost all of the swellings will have decreased and

Leg Aesthetic Surgery with Leg Implant

Leg implant application is a good alternative for the patient group where the other two methods cannot be applied or who prefer prosthesis application. The legs of the patient who complains of leg thinness may be very thin or there might not be enough fat reserves in the body.

In such cases, if a permanent procedure is desired, calf or lower leg prosthesis surgery gives a good result. Generally, the applied prosthesis varies according to the leg structure of the person and the surgeon’s preference. Asymmetrical or symmetrical, long or short implants are available.

My general approach is to use asymmetrical and long implants suitable for the patient’s leg length whenever possible. Asymmetrical implants deliver a more anatomical appearance by providing muscle fullness in the calf.

In addition, they offer a more aesthetic appearance as they include the entire lower leg line. The biggest disadvantages are that it cannot provide sufficient fullness to the ankle and upper inner knee area.

The reason is that technically the prosthesis does not extend to these areas. I also routinely apply fat injections to each of my cases to provide fullness in these areas and to soften the prosthetic skin transition.

Which technique will be used for leg aesthetics varies according to the patient’s leg structure, the patient’s expectation of fullness, the permanence of the procedure, the time to spare for the recovery period and the patient-physician preference.

If the person does not want an operation due to leg aesthetics and does not want to have a recovery period, the most suitable method is ready-made filling applications for the leg. This way the person can return to his normal activity on the same day and the application can be done in the clinic.

If permanent fullness is desired, the most suitable option is a leg implant or fat injection with stem cells. The price of leg aesthetics also varies according to the applied surgical method.

Is Leg Aesthetic Surgery Painful?

The patient does not feel pain for 10-12 hours due to the drugs used during surgery. The patient can feel tingling if he does not use painkillers on the first day after surgery but that can be eliminated with painkillers What should I pay attention to before the operation?

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop smoking at least 3 weeks before this surgery to prevent problems such as wound healing.

Likewise, because it causes problems such as bleeding, it is necessary to stay away from drugs and similar substances that dilute the blood in the last 1 week. If the patient is a diabetic, blood pressure should be under control in the preoperative period.

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