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Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty (Small Lip Aesthetics)

Labiaplasty Surgery; The most common procedure among genital aesthetic operations is labiaplasty surgery. Labium is the name given to the genital lips; It is divided into two as big and small lips.

The large lips form the border of the genital area while the small lips are underneath them and not visible.

Some women have asymmetry between the labia (one of the lips being longer than the other and drooping). This asymmetrical problem can also be corrected with labiaplasty surgery.

The labia minora are normally under the big lips when viewed from the outside and are not visible unless there is an erection.

If the labium grows, sags and expands, it spoils the appearance of the genital area. This may require that this situation is corrected physically or psychologically.

Pain during sexual intercourse, sweating can be seen in this area due to the excess in the inner lips. Due to this sweating, bad odor formation and fungus can be encountered in the patient, it can cause discomfort in women when wearing swimsuits and tight clothes, and problems such as abrasion and irritation can occur due to rubbing against each other while riding a bicycle.

We perform the labiaplasty procedure mostly under local anesthesia without hospitalization in a clinical setting. Labiaplasty surgery is an operation with high patient satisfaction. Clinical studies reveal a patient satisfaction level of 90%.

Labiaplasty is a procedure performed to increase personal comfort. Unless it creates a serious health problem, it does not need to be done urgently.

If you cannot wear comfortable clothes, if you experience frequent genital irritation and infection, if you are uncomfortable with the aesthetic appearance of this area, you can consider this procedure.

What is labiaplasty (small lip aesthetics)?

It is also known as vaginal inner lip aesthetics.

In the genital area, the labia minora grow over time, increase in width, lengthen, and when this deformation occurs, the inner labia of the genitals normally stand upright, fold over themselves like leaves and appear limp.

Normally, the small lips lie in the form of a thin fold of skin between the large lips in the vagina. This is why the operation to reduce the inner lips in the outer genital area is called labiaplasty.

While growth is bilateral in some women, some women can have unilateral asymmetry and this procedure can be performed to correct this asymmetry.

How is labiaplasty surgery done?

Labiaplasty is a minor intervention that is usually performed with local anesthesia and sometimes with general anesthesia. You can be discharged the same day after the procedure.

The procedure takes 30-40 minutes. An aesthetic appearance is gained by minimizing the width and length as much as possible until the drooping lips are restored.

This area is left open without any dressing after the operation. It is important that the operation is not performed during the menstrual period. This can cause wound healing problems along with genital discharge.

The wound site is cleaned daily with antiseptic solutions or antibiotic creams. The stitches will dissolve within 1015 days.

You can take a shower the next day after the surgery. It is important not to go to the pool, bath, jacuzzi and the sea during the first 1 month to avoid wound opening and wound infection.

Recovery Process after Labiaplasty Surgery

We recommend resting for 3 days after labiaplasty. Ice compress application is important on the first day to reduce edema and swelling in this area. If you wear tight underwear, it wraps this area like a corset and reduces the formation of edema.

Keeping your waist slightly higher than your butt is important on the first day.

Genital area cleaning is important after this procedure. We recommend disinfecting the area with an antiseptic solution after each visit to the toilet. It takes 2-4 weeks for the edema to go down.

What should we pay attention to after labiaplasty surgery?

Hygiene is very important. The area must be kept dry especially after going to the toilet.

Pilates, yoga, gymnastics-style stretching movements that include the genital area should not be performed for 1 month.

You can have sexual intercourse 1 month after the operation.

You should stay away from things like epilation, waxing or laser application for a month after the surgery.

Why Does the Labium Grow?

The labium can grow due to recurrent pregnancies and genital tract infections as a result of the loosening of the tissues with the effect of gravity with age.

After excessive weight loss, the entire skin expands and stretches, then loses its elasticity when it empties and gains a wrinkled appearance.

Prolonged contact of the vagina with substances containing high levels of allergens (perfume, shampoo containing cologne, soap-like substances, etc.) may cause this problem.

Enlargement and sagging can occur due to frequent vaginitis, that is, vaginal infection.

Although this area is not visible in very thin women, the labium majors (big lips) are small because the amount of adipose tissue is small, and the labium minuses can seem large even though they are not.

This can occur congenitally in some women, as well as a result of hormonal changes during puberty.

Who is a candidate for Labiaplasty?

  • If you are ashamed of your partner during sexual intercourse because of its size
  • If you have a noticeable puffiness from the outside when wearing tight clothes such as bikinis and tights
  • If you have trouble urinating, you need to strain, have frequent urinary tract infections

-If you have frequent yeast infections and frequent vaginal infections because the genital area remains moist

  • If the area gets irritated by rubbing while wearing underwear, jeans and tights

If you feel pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse, this surgery may be suitable for you.

Labiaplasty Surgery (small lip aesthetics) Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stitches removed after Labiaplasty?

Suture materials that are absorbed and dissolved by the body are used for a labiaplasty procedure. Therefore, there is no need to remove stitches.

Is labiaplasty an obstacle to giving birth?

You can have a cesarean or regular delivery after labiaplasty surgery. During this procedure, the womb and birth canal are not affected in any way.

Does labiaplasty leave suture scars?

The labium cover has a structure that we call the mucous membrane, which keeps itself wet and moist. This area, along with the eyelid, is one of the best healing areas in the human body. No suture marks remain. When you look from the outside, no evidence of an operation is visible.

Will Sagging recur after Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a permanent surgery. As long as multiple deliveries are not performed, re-expansion, sagging and elongation are not anticipated.

Is there any loss of sensation after labiaplasty surgery?

Just above the labium is the clitoris, the area that provides sensation and stimulation. We do not usually interfere with the clitoris during labiaplasty surgery. A problem with sensationis not expected after this surgery.

Is labiaplasty done to virgins?

The hymen is located a few centimeters inside the vagina. Since the labia are located outside the hymen, there is no possibility of damaging the hymen. Virgin women can have labiaplasty surgery.

Can vaginal tightening surgery be performed at the same time as labiaplasty?

Many patients have vaginal enlargement with labium deformation. It is possible to perform these two operations together. Patients are worried about this as it will delay the healing process, but

Is There an Age Limit for Labiaplasty Surgery?

It is sufficient to be 18 years old for this process. It matters whether you have given birth or not, whether you are single or married. If there is sagging and enlargement in the genital area, it can be applied to anyone who is disturbed by this appearance.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a doctor for Labiaplasty

Although labiaplasty surgery is a functional surgery, it should not be forgotten that it is an aesthetic application.

Aesthetic interventions are applied by plastic surgeons in all surgical applications. Since genital aesthetics is private area aesthetics, you should be careful when choosing a physician

Patient photos before / after labiaplasty surgery

You can come to our clinic for before-after patient photos or contact us on the whatsapp line.


Labiaplasty surgery is a surgery with a high success rate, both cosmetically and functionally. The recovery period of this surgery, which can be performed with local or general anesthesia, is short and the patient satisfaction rate is high.

Labiaplasty surgery price 2022

Labiaplasty surgery prices vary depending on whether the procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia and whether an additional procedure such as vaginoplasty will be applied.

Labiaplasty aesthetics can be applied to patients who want it by a completely female team in our clinic. For all other questions you want to ask about the process, you can also ask us questions by using the comment section. We wish you happy health days.

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