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Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment; It is a treatment method to strengthen the hair follicles and give them a healthy appearance. Our hair is our most important visual treasure. It is the organ gives the first clues about our general body health and mental state to our environment.

Healthy, lively, clean, well-groomed hair is the beginning of a positive impression to the other side. We can all experience problems such as hair loss, lifelessness, paleness and breakage from time to time. There are many underlying reasons for these problems, which can be periodic or last for a long time.

These may primarily be genetic causes, endocrine disorders (thyroid gland diseases), postpartum period, menopause, diabetes mellitus, nutritional disorders, anemia, some drugs, and chronic diseases.

In addition, mechanical operations, frequent blow-drying, harsh brushing, tying hair tightly, some shampoos, dyeing, perms, and lightening applications can harm hair. Psychological stress, sea water, sun, chlorine in pool water also affect hair negatively.

Certain tests and blood analyzes should be performed to investigate such reasons. There are many treatment methods we apply according to the results obtained. These include

Oral Treatment Methods: Replacing the missing substance in the body with oral medications, such as the treatment of anemia, the treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the treatment of hormonal problems.

Scalp Mesotherapy: Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that reduces the need for hair transplantation, significantly stops hair loss, and increases hair quality. In this method, vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by the scalp are injected in tiny doses with very fine-tipped small needles.

The hair follicles in the scalp are fed directly. It is not a painful procedure. Each session takes an average of 15 minutes. A treatment plan for several months is organized in the form of sessions.

PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma): It is a treatment method that repairs damaged hair follicles, strengthens the immune system of the hair, increases blood circulation and ensures better nutrition of the hair. 10-20 cc of blood taken from the person is enriched in platelets by undergoing special processes.

Platelets are blood components that repair damaged tissues in our body and contain growth factors that allow them to return to their natural state.

The serum obtained from the condensed platelet cells is administered to the scalp with very finetipped special needles by multiple injection (napage) method. Each session takes an average of 30 minutes. The treatment is applied in 3-6 session cures.

As you can see, there are many methods that can be used to regain healthy hair and maintain the quality of our existing hair. However, choosing the right method at the right time is of great importance for the effectiveness of medical treatments.

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