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Breast Lifting

Breast lifting; it is possible to have erect breasts at any age! We perform breast lift surgery for sagging breasts.  Breast Lift Prices 2022

Mastopexy is the name of the procedure performed to lift breasts and reshape  the breast tissue. Deformation can occur in the breast tissue with the effect of aging, pregnancy,  gravity, weight gain, and breast enlargement during breastfeeding. Why Do Breasts Sag?

Sagging and deformation of the breasts can occur due to loss of elasticity of the ligaments in the skin, using the wrong bra, after frequent weight gain and loss, after stomach (bariatric surgery) surgery, breastfeeding and pregnancies.

Who gets Breast Lift surgery?

If you are physically healthy and your weight loss has stopped after sleeve gastrectomy

If you think your breasts are sagging and losing volume

If your breasts are flatter, more elongated than they should be

If your breast tissue falls below the breast fold area when not supported by a bra

If your nipples (areola) are pointing down If you have loose skin and nipples

If one breast appears lower and more droopy than the other, you may be suitable for a breast lift operation.

Classification of Breast Prolapse

Stage 1: If the nipple is slightly below the inframammary line.

Stage 2: the Nipple is 1-3 cm from the inframammary fold line

Stage 3: If the nipple is more than 3 cm below the lower fold of the breast

Breast Lift Surgery Techniques

Breast Lift Surgery, in principle, is an operation performed by removing the excess skin that causes sagging and suspen

If the degree of sagging is mild, this operation is performed only with nipple recovery. A circular incision around the nip If the sagging is moderate, recovery is done in the form of a lollipop.

If the sagging is severe, the operation is performed with an inverted T-shaped webbing and straightening operation. Af The underlying breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to increase breast contour and firmness.

The nipple and areola are brought to their natural position.

If necessary, the enlarged nipple is reduced by cutting around the skin.

Excess breast skin is removed to compensate for the loss of elasticity.

You may notice some reduction in your bra size after the breast lift procedure. If you do not want your breasts to shrink at all, your breast tissue can be supported with a small silicone implant. In the first weeks after the surgery, your breasts will look a little bigger due to edema. Over the next few months, your breasts will continue to recover and settle.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Process

Swelling and bruising due to the operation are common in the early period after breast lift surgery. We recommend using pain relievers and edema reducing drugs for a few days after the operation. Reducing arm movements during the first week after surgery will have a positive effect on recovery.

You can take a shower from the 4th day after the Breast Lift. Your return to normal life is 5-7 days. At the end of this period, you can start work, travel and board aircraft.

Avoid raising your arms over your shoulders for three weeks and avoid picking up objects weighing more than two pounds during this time.

You should not lie face down for the first 1 month after the operation. After the first month, you can start light sports.

You can swim in the sea after the 6th week.

Pain and swelling will gradually decrease during the first few months after a breast lift, and you can wear a wired bra again about 8 weeks after the surgery.

After the 3rd month you do not have to avoid doing heavy sports.

The issue that patients are most worried about is the removal of stitches. Since self-absorbing sutures are used in our operations, suture removal after this operation is not an issue.

Preparing for Breast Lift Operation

Before the operation, the breast structure is evaluated with breast ultrasound and mammography for all our patients.

You need to stop taking anticoagulants such as aspirin 7 days before breast lift surgery.

If you have diabetes, it is important that your blood sugar is under control before this surgery so that you do not experience wound healing problems.

You should stop smoking 3 days before the breast lift surgery and it is important not to smoke for 3 weeks after the surgery.

We ask patients to take a shower with a disinfectant soap on the night before surgery and to remove all jewelery before coming to the surgery, not to wear nail polish or make-up.

In breast lift surgery, eating and drinking should be stopped 6 hours before the operation. We will ask you to be at the hospital 3 hours before the surgery time. During this time, your blood tests will be done.

From What Age Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?

You can have this operation from the age of 18 when breast development is completed. However, it is important to understand that certain life events, such as future pregnancy or weight fluctuations, can negatively affect your results. If you are planning to have more children or want to lose weight, you should know that deformation will occur after breast lift.

Can breast lift and breast augmentation be done together?

In some cases, a breast lift alone may not achieve the results you want. If you think your breasts are “deflated” or have lost volume due to aging, weight loss or pregnancy, breast implants can be added during breast lift surgery to add fullness and shape to the breast. These two operations can be performed together in a single procedure.

Using a Protective Bra After Breast Lift

I recommend our patients to use a corset for 3 weeks to accelerate post-operative recovery and reduce edema.

Does SSI pay for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast Lift Surgery is not paid by private insurance or SSI as it is an operation performed for cosmetic purposes.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

It is necessary to protect the mammary glands and milk ducts for breastfeeding. In this operation, you will be more likely to breastfeed, as the technique that protects the milk ducts in one piece is used in our clinic.

Will Breast Lift Change My Breast Size?

If you are happy with your breast size while wearing a bra, fine. A breast lift alone will not significantly change the size of your breasts. It can help your breasts look fuller, rounder, and better in a bra, but if you want your breasts to be larger or smaller, a breast lift combined with breast augmentation or reduction may be the right option for you.

Is Non-Surgical Breast Lift Possible?

Many of us think that breasts will become erect with sports.This is not possible. Muscle tissue development occurs with exercise. The problem that causes sagging in the breasts is the loosening of the breast ligaments. The only treatment method for loosened mammary ligaments is surgery.

Does Numbness occur After Breast Lifting?

A decrease in sensation can occur in the nipple and lower chest area during the first 6 weeks after surgery. This process is temporary and your nipple sensation will return to normal over time.

Breast Lift Surgery Price 2022

The factor that determines the prices of breast lift surgery will vary according to the size of your breasts, their sagging, the surgical technique to be applied and whether silicone will be applied together. For breast lift surgery prices, you must first be examined. You can reach our clinic by calling 0552 584 84 10 and 0216 747 95 00 for breast lift surgery price information.

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