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Arm Lift Aesthetics

Arm Lift Aesthetics is a surgical procedure to regulate and recover skin sagging in the arms. As a result of excessive weight loss and aging, tissue elasticity in the arms decreases and sagging occurs. Our arms can be noticed by others thanks to the clothes we wear especially in the summer months.

For many people, arms are very important in terms of aesthetics. Sagging makes a person look old and abandoned. This is the perception even if the person is young.

Excess skin and adipose tissue are removed with an incision to remove the sagging part and tighten the arms. Since the thin incision is on the underside of the arm facing the body, it remains hidden. The scar runs parallel to the arm on the inside of the arm, towards the elbow.

Who Can have Arm Lift Surgery?

All male and female patients with sagging problems, soft tissue and excess skin causing aesthetic concern can have this operation.

Does the Arm Lift Procedure leave a scar?

There is a risk in this regard, as in any surgery. The surgeon performing the operation should open the incisions in areas where sutures can be hidden and perform the operation. If the operation is performed from the invisible area where the arm is close to the body, a more aesthetic appearance will be achieved until the scars heal.

Is This Operation a  Permanent Solution?

This procedure gives permanent results in many patients. After all, excess skin and tissue are removed from the arms. Due to external factors such as aging and gravity, some sagging may occur in the arms again. However, the degree of this sagging will never reach the disturbing dimensions before the surgery.

Arm Lift Postoperative and Recovery Proces

You can return home with the help of a relative on the day of the surgery. Although it is possible to continue your daily life and work after a week, a rest period of 10-15 days is recommended. This recommendation is valid when your job does not involve strenuous and physical activities.

The drains placed in the arms during surgery are removed between the first day and the third day. Except in some exceptional cases, the stitches will dissolve on their own and you don’t need to have stitches removed.

It is possible to return to light aerobic activities at the end of the first week, at least three weeks are required for heavier physical activities. At the end of this period, it is recommended to start light arm exercises and continue them for up to six weeks.

What Alternative Treatments are available

Vacuum-assisted fat removal can be considered as an alternative for people with normal weight, if they have good quality tight skin and limited fat accumulation and the arm muscles have not lost their tone. Diet and exercise programs can also be effective in reducing total body fat, but they are not effective for skin sagging.

Unexpected but possible events after surgery, called risks and possible complications, also carry the risks of surgery in alternative treatments. Please contact us for detailed information about Arm Lift Surgery.

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