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Breast Reduction

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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is done to eliminate the discomfort caused by breasts that are larger than normal. This operation is performed for the purpose of removing some of the fat and skin that gives fullness to the breasts and ensure that the breasts are commensurate with the body.

Excessive breast size and weight causes problems such as tilting the body forward, back and spine pain, bone deformations, rash or wounds under the breast, inability to find clothes suitable for height and weight.

Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Breasts are very important for a woman’s self-confidence. Many women find it difficult to find suitable underwear due to their breast size. Wearing tight bras to try to gather the breasts can cause permanent scars and dimples on the shoulders. The size of your breast tissue can make you look heavier than you are. Oversize breasts can affect many of your social activities, sports, etc.

Large breasts can cause some deformations in the body. These include:

*Bra hook traces on the shoulders as a result of tightening the bra to gather the breasts

  • The size of the breasts cause the shoulders to lean forward, bending in the neck occur and serious back pain occurs.
  • Redness and diaper rash and fungal infections in summer, especially under the breasts,

*If you have symptoms such as numbness in the arms, you may be an ideal candidate for this surgery.

The most common factor in the formation of breast size is genetics. Apart from this, the problems in your large breasts can increase even more after frequent weight gain and loss, childbirth and breastfeeding.

If your breasts are above the lower crease of the breast when you stand in front of a mirror, you have a normal breast size and form. If your breast tissue has started to go below this line, you need breast lift surgery.

Many young women want to have breast reduction surgery after giving birth and breastfeeding. The reason for this is that large breasts will give more milk and they think that they will not be able to breastfeed after breast reduction. However, this is incorrect, if you already have large breasts, the deformation will increase after breastfeeding and the scope of the surgery will change and necessitate performing the surgery with a larger incision.

Our recommendation to young patients is to have this operation as early as possible. As time passes, the burden on the spine will increase and the forward leaning problem will increase gradually. Subsequently there will be pain in joint movements, which will cause flattening between the vertebrae.

You will not be able to do sports comfortably as a result of this, your weight gain will accelerate, your breast tissue will start to grow even more as you gain weight, and I recommend solving the problem without going into a chronic process. You do not need to have fears about  breast feeding and scars after the operation. I have not yet had a patient who regrets the scar after breast reduction!

Before breast reduction surgery

We want all our patients to have a breast ultrasound and mammography before the operation. This guides us in terms of finding cysts in the breast and removing those that need to be eliminated. After surgery, we send them to pathology and ensure that risky materials are examined.

The use of anticoagulants such as aspirin must be interrupted 10 days before breast reduction surgery.

If you are diabetic, it is important that your blood sugar is under control before this surgery so that you do not experience wound healing problems.

You should stop smoking 3 days before breast reduction surgery and it is important not to smoke for 3 weeks after the

We ask my patients to take a shower with a disinfectant soap on the night of the surgery and to remove all their jewelry before coming to the surgery, not to apply nail polish or make-up.

In breast reduction surgery, eating and drinking should be stopped 8 hours before the surgery. We will ask you to be at the hospital 3 hours before the surgery time. During this time, your blood tests will be done and if everything is normal, you will be given a sedative in your room before the surgery. This will relax you and allow you to go down to the operating room with confidence.

Surgery day

On the day of surgery, we draw a sketch on the breast to display their position while standing. This sketching is very important for surgery. The surgery is performed on these sketches. The shape of the breast changes when standing and when lying down.

Since the operation is performed lying down, the standing breast position is very important for us. Also, many women have asymmetrical breasts, during surgery I remove more tissue from the larger breast to reduce this asymmetry.

The surgery takes 2-3 hours depending on the technique to be used. I recommend hospitalization for one night for my patients after the operation. Although it is not a very painful procedure, we give you painkillers throughout the day and relax you. If a drain has been installed after the surgery, we remove these drains and discharge our patients.

Recovery Process after Breast Reduction Surgery

It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 night after the operation. If your breasts are not very large, a drain is not used. However, if you have very large breasts, a drain should be placed as the accumulation of blood and fluid inside will delay healing. The drains stay for 1 night during your stay in the hospital. When you are discharged from the hospital, the drains are removed and you are sent home.

3 days after the operation, you will take a shower and come for a control and we will change your bandages in our clinic. Resting for 5-7 days is sufficient after the operation. You can return to your daily life after this period.

We recommend our patients to use a sports bra for 3 weeks.

You can do light sports and swim in the sea after 1 month.

Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

  • Lejour ( breast reduction with a lollipop incision)

This procedure  is also known as a breast reduction operation with a short scar. It is a breast reduction operation made with an incision that resembles a lollipop in the brown part of the nipple and straight down. This technique is suitable for patients whose breast tissue is not excessively large. This technique can be applied if the distance from the middle of the collarbone to the nipple is roughly less than 33 when measured with a tape measure. However, if it is applied to patients with a larger breast structure, the breast might not be reduced enough. If the breasts are very large and this technique is used, the breasts can sag again.

  • Breast reduction with a Test T scar

This technique can be applied to any breast structure. We generally apply it to breasts larger than 33 cm. This procedure is performed by making an incision is made in the lower fold of the breast in addition to the lolipop incision. This incision is actually the best healing scar and it is not visible in a bikini. With this technique, the sagging breast tissue can be lifted as much as necessary and much more excess skin can be removed compared to the Lejour technique.

  • Breast Reduction with Graft Technique

This procedure is a breast reduction operation performed without preserving the vessels and nerves feeding  the nipple. It is the technique used in elderly patients with very large breasts. In this technique, the nipple is adapted to its new place like a graft. Since the milk ducts are damaged, patients cannot breastfeed after surgery. Since the milk ducts are not protected, the breast can be reduced as much as desired.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Painful?

As with any surgery, there is some discomfort. The discomfort is not very severe,  it can be mangged with mild painkille Is Breast Reduction Surgery Painful?

As with other aesthetic procedures, there are some risks in breast reduction surgery. Some of those are

* Hematoma (blood accumulation in the breast): I reported that drains should be used to prevent this risk. The use of drains greatly reduces the risk of hematoma.

*Breast asymmetry

*Delayed wound healing, especially in smokers, smoking delays healing because smoking reduces blood flow to the surgical site.

*Wound opening and infection. In this case, the duration of the antibiotic taken can be extended and any infection problem can be resolved. If there is a problem of opening at the wound site, it can be sutured again.

*Loss of sensation in the nipple, albeit low

How much are the breasts reduced in breast reduction surgery?

How much the breasts can be reduced with breast reduction surgery depends on your shoulder width and breast size. If you are a size DD cup, if can be a C cup, if you are a C and D cup you can be reduced to a B cup size. Achieving a smaller A cup breast size is possible for elderly patients who are not concerned about preserving the breastfeeding function.


From What Age Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed?

Breast reduction procedures can be performed in women from the age of 18 when breast development is completed.

Which Anesthesia is used?

This operation is almost always performed under general anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the operation.

When can I drive after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Although this period varies according to the surgical technique performed, you can drive from the 3rd week after the operation.

Will stitches be removed after breast reduction?

We use self-absorbing and dissolving sutures. Therefore, stitches are not removed after surgery.

Does Breast Reduction leave scars?

We try to do your surgeries with as few incisions as possible. The surgical technique to be used for the scar that will remain is important. While these scars appear dark red in the early period, they fade over time, they turn pale and become less visible. Your genetics are very important in the healing of the scar.

We apply scar-minimizing treatments such as postoperative scar-reducing silicone gels, contractubex gel, and silicone sheaths. The scars of patients who comply with the treatments we recommend turn into an indistinct skin color.

When Can We Travel?

Our patients coming from abroad or from outside the city can fly 4 days after the operation. After the surgery, the post operative controls of patients from different provinces are done by taking photos and sending them to us.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

There are many reasons. The most common reason is that the breast tissue, which is filled with milk with breastfeeding, empties when breastfeeding is finished.

When you give birth a few times, this repeats constantly and the breasts begin to sag under the influence of gravity. Sometimes there is sagging even though there is no breastfeeding or pregnancy. The main problem here is the connective tissue source.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

The situation that many childless women fear the most in this surgery is that their breastfeeding function will be impaired. It is possible to perform breast reduction surgery by protecting the mammary gland and milk ducts. This will enable you to continue breastfeeding after the surgery.

Is There Any Loss Of Sensation After The Surgery?

In breast reduction surgery, it is possible to perform the operation with the technique that preserves the sensation of the nipple. Therefore, although there is a temporary loss of sensation in the early days,  this is not permanent.

In the later stages of recovery, the sensation of your nipples will return to its former state.

Does breast reduction surgery have an effect on breast cancer?

Since your existing breast tissue will decrease, you reduce the possibility of cancer formation. But you are not resetting the risk. Breast cancer can develop in your remaining breast tissue, so you should continue breast screening with ultrasound and mammography.

Will I use a corset after the surgery?

We recommend our patients to use a corset for 1 month after breast reduction surgery. This corset is the same as the non-wired sports bra. It is made of soft fabric so that it does not damage the sewing lines.

It also grasps the breast tissue and lifts it up recommend our patients to use a corset for 1 month after breast reduction surgery. This corset is the same as a non-wired sports bra. It is made of soft fabric so that it does not damage the suture lines. In addition, the corset helps to keep the load off your stitches by grasping the breast tissue and lifting it.

Can I Have Ultrasound and Mammography After Breast Reduction?

There is no obstacle to have these examinations after breast reduction surgeries. I recommend that all women over the age of 40 undergo an annual ultrasound scan, with or without breast reduction surgery.

Will My Decollete Be Fuller After Breasts Reduction Surgery?

During breast reduction surgery, tissue is usually removed from the excess tissues in the lower part of the breast. At the same time, the remaining breast tissue will not be reduced in the décolleté area as it is lifted by the lifting process, and your décolleté will look more beautiful than ever because of the lift.

Will My Breasts regain their former state If I Give Birth After Breast Reduction?

Your breast size will never be as big as before. However, some growth can occur in your breast tissue after weight gain and loss and after delivery and breastfeeding. This situation will not be at a level that will require another reduction operation after the surgery, you do not need to worry.

Return to Sex Life After Breast Reduction

We recommend our patients to return to an active sexual life after the 6th week, as there will be tenderness in the breasts for the first month after the operation and to avoid problems with healing in the suture lines.

When should I come for a checkup?

The first check-up is 3-4 days after surgery. I do it daily. If you do not have a problem later, we invite our patients for control in the 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month and 1st year.

Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery

In rare patients, if the breast tissue is not excessively large and the sagging is minor or moderate, the breasts can be reduced a little with liposuction. This can be applied especially to patients with full breast sides and armpit area. Note that there is a possibility of sagging in the breasts when extensive liposuction is applied to the entire breast.

Can Breast Reduction and Lifting Be Done Simultaneously?

Breast reduction surgery and breast lifting are basically similar surgeries. While the excess skin is removed in a breast lift, the tissue is preserved. In breast reduction, the tissue is removed as well.

While breast reduction is being done, while excess tissue is already removed, the lifting process should also be done so that a beautiful cleavage accompanies the corrected sagging breasts.

How soon can I return to my daily work after the surgery?

This is a process that varies from person to person, but I recommend that you do not do activities such as sports, heavy housework, carrying heavy loads for 1 month. Apart from this, on the 2nd day after surgery, patients are usually able to do their own self-care and move around the house easily.

From the first week, there is nothing that prevents you from returning to your daily life and work.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

  • What are your expectations from this surgery?
  • How is your overall health status, medications you use regularly, allergies?
  • Do you consume alcohol and smoke, vitamins, omega 3, herbal teas?
  • Have you had any previous surgery?
  • Does anyone in your family have breast cancer?
  • Have you had a mammogram or ultrasound, had a breast biopsy done for any reason?

Does SSI pay for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Aesthetic surgeries are not paid by any private insurance or SSI, but if your breast size is 40 cm from the neck to the nipple, if you have a herniated disc, in these cases, it can be done free of charge, albeit very rarely, in a state hospital with 3 physician reports. However, all aesthetic surgeries performed in our clinic are paid for.

Breast Reduction Prices 2022

The factor that determines the price of breast reduction surgery will vary according to the size of the breasts, their sagging, and the breast reduction surgery technique to be applied.

For 2022 breast reduction surgery prices, you must first be examined. You can reach our clinic by calling 0552 584 84 10 and 0216 747 95 00 for breast reduction surgery price information .

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