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Butt Aesthetics

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What is Butt Aesthetics?

Butt Aesthetics; Buttock aesthetics is the general name given to aesthetic operations performed on the hips. The most important way to have a beautiful and attractive body is to have round body lines.

The more rounded, raised and to a certain extent larger the hip area, the more attractive a woman will look. Brazilian women are known for their attractive hips.

Since not everyone is so lucky, surgical intervention may be needed to have beautiful and full hips. In addition to surgical intervention, these procedures are also performed with some filling applications.

Many women are aware of how difficult and partially impossible it is to achieve beautiful and perky hips naturally. Above all, there must be a genetic predisposition to achieve such an appearance naturally.

We can say that butt aesthetics are all the procedures done to create a waist curve, create a saucy and oval butt and to have more beautiful and better looking hips in a size that is proportional to the body.

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How is Butt Aesthetics done?

First of all, since different methods are applied to enlarge and shape the buttocks, the processes of the operations are also different from each other. Sometimes, more than one method is used at the same time on a patient.

Although the duration of the operation varies according to the used method, it varies between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours on average. No matter which method is applied to the patient, general anesthesia is used. Local anesthesia is preferred only for non-surgical filling applications.

Since the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, there is no feeling of pain during the operation. You may have very mild pain after the operation. Does butt aesthetics hurt? If you are wondering, whatever you feel will definitely not affect you very much.

What Butt Aesthetics are available?

As mentioned before, this procedure covers all operations on the hip. Everyone’s complaint or dislike about their butts is different. We cannot include only hip augmentation procedures within this scope. There are many more hip aesthetic applications. These include;

Hip butt lift

Hip, butt shaping

Hips, butt filling

Hip butt reduction

Butt Lift Surgery

The voluptuous appearance of the hips depends on the ratio and homogeneous distribution of fat tissues in this area. 3 main areas should be examined to examine the fat balance and bone structure in the hips. These three main areas are;

Upper Hip: It is important that the fat tissues in this area are distributed homogeneously. The fat tissues in the upper hip should be located more in the rear for great hips. This makes the hips appear round and full.

Middle hip: The majority of patients complain of the space and hollow image in this part. The pit appearance formed here is called crenation. The dimple appearance that occurs here can be easily corrected with a small fat injection.

Lower hip: Excess fat in this area causes the hips to appear lower. Excessive fat accumulation also causes the hips to droop as it causes sagging.

If there are such problems in the lower hip area, excess fat is removed by liposuction, or if there is excess skin, this is removed surgically.

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Buttock Augmentation and Buttock Aesthetics Methods

3 different effective methods can be mentioned among butt enlargement methods. Fat injection, prosthesis application and butt lift operations are these effective procedures.

We can say that each of the methods has different advantages and disadvantages. Fat injections are one of the most commonly used methods.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Injection

Today, liposuction is one of the most effective methods used for hip shaping. This process is applied both to shape the hips, eliminate its defects and to enlarge it.

Although liposuction is the name given to fat removal operations under normal conditions, this process is actually done bidirectionally. In other words, fat is extracted from unwanted parts of the body and injected where it is wanted

In butt enlargement operations with fat injection, the fat taken from the person is concentrated. Under normal conditions, the fat mass has a looser structure. This process is achieved by intensifying while applying to the buttock. The purpose of this is to make the butt firmer and harder.

Buttock augmentation is not only done with fat injections. At the same time, dents in the hip can be corrected. Again, we can say that it is an extremely effective method to correct sagging. It is especially used for hip shaping to create a more curvaceous hipline.

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Buttock Augmentation with Silicone Prosthesis

In cases where fat injection is not sufficient, butt augmentation with a silicone prosthesis is generally applied.

During the procedure, silicone is placed in the groove between the butt. These are products that are specially designed and produced for the hips. They are placed in such a way that the hips appear both larger and more elevated.

A very small incision is made in the hip groove to insert the prosthesis. Prostheses are carefully inserted into this incision. After the procedure, there is no trace of surgery.

Buttock Augmentation with Fillers

Buttock augmentation with fillers is also a good alternative for those who do not want buttock enlargement procedures with surgical interventions.

This application, also called aquafilling, is made with a special filling material. As in other filling applications, it is injected into the body of the patient with the help of a needle. The applied fillings are products that have no harmful side effects on health.

Since it is a special material, no one can tell that by touching that it is manmade just like other filling applications.

Another important advantage of the material is that it is much more permanent than other filling applications. Although it varies from person to person, this filling application has an average lifetime of 5-8 years.

Butt Lift Operation

Firmer and lifted buttocks can be obtained with a butt lift operation, which is usually applied to people who have lost a The area under the skin of people who lose a lot of weight is usually emptied and accordingly becomes hollow.  A  suspension process is carried out with the skins taken from the lower abdomen and the top of the buttocks. Thus, the drooping appearance is eliminated and lifted and saucy butt is created.

Fat injection is applied to people whose skin and sagging rate is not excessive. However, fat injection or prosthesis application is not enough for people who have lost a lot of weight. That’s why the hip lift operation is performed.

General anesthesia is applied to the patients in the butt lift application. It is an operation that takes an average of 1.5-3 hours, and in addition to butt lifting, fat injection can also be done. It is necessary to decide which procedure will be performed completely in line with the needs of the patient.

Things to Consider Before Butt Aesthetics

There are some important points that need to be considered by people who want to have butt aesthetic applications. Of course, the process varies for surgical and non-surgical applications.

Anticoagulants should not be used before the operation. In addition to medicines, some spices have anticoagulant effects.

You should stop smoking one week before the operation.

You must stop consuming alcohol during the last 48 hours.

Since herbal teas such as green tea have an anticoagulant effect, they should be discontinued during the last week.

If you have a blood pressure problem, you should drink a small amount of water and take your blood pressure medication on the morning of the surgery.

How is Butt Aesthetics Performed with Fat Filling?

Buttock aesthetic procedures with fat filling are among the most preferred surgical interventions in recent years. Performing this operation is actually not as difficult as it seems. It is done with the fats taken from the patient’s own body

Before starting the operation, it is determined from which area the fat will be extracted and to which areas it will be transferred. Special cannulas are used to remove fat masses. Fat cells are taken with these cannulas and transferred to the butt in the same way after the condensation process.

A multi-layered application during fat transfer increases the permanence of the process. Is the butt enlargement process permanent with fat filling? Yes, it is a permanent application. 40% of the fat dissolves in about 3 months and the remaining 60% is permanent for life. It should also be noted that the permanence of fat injection performed with stem cell transfer is slightly higher than that of classical fat transfer.

How Does the Butt Aesthetics Recovery Process Happen?

After butt aesthetics, it is usually sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 night on the day of the operation. A special corset should be worn for 4-6 weeks after the operation.

Depending on the method applied, the recovery period of the patient varies between 2-10 days on average. After the operation, the swelling goes down and the full shape of the hips is completed in 3-6 months. After a period of 30-45 days, the incumbent can start doing sports actively.

After prosthesis applications, people should be more careful when sitting down and getting up. In addition, regardless of the operation performed, people should lie face down for 3 weeks in both silicone application as well as fat injection application. A butt pillow should be used while driving and traveling.

Things to Consider After Butt Aesthetics

You can sit down after a fat injection, you just need to be more controlled.

In the application of buttock silicone, I recommend my patients to lie on their stomach for the first week to avoid burdening the suture lines as much as possible.

Slight edema and bruising may appear after the application of butt fat injection. This is trivial and temporary No sports activities other than walking should be done during the first two weeks.

Bathing should not be done for 3 days after the operation. The post-operative corset should be removed only while taking a bath.

You should not smoke for 3 weeks after the operation. Smoking accelerates the fat dissolving rate after fat injection operations. Smoking can cause delayed healing of the wound sites and wound site discharge in the butt silicone applications.

I recommend the application of lymph drainage massage, which helps to relieve edema, on average 1 week after the o Who Can have a butt Aesthetics Procedure?

We would like to inform you who is suitable for butt aesthetics or who can have this operation. In fact, anyone who wants one can have these operations. We can only say that the operations are not suitable for some people.

The candidates need to fulfill the following criteria:

Persons must be over the age of 18.

They should be free of any hereditary disease that prevents the operation. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is an application preferred by famous Brazilian women who want to have their magnificent buttocks.

Brazilian women have buttocks that are shapely, perky and have an incredibly aesthetic appearance. We can say that this butt shape, which is not overly large but quite lifted, is the dream of almost every woman. If there is enough fat tissue in your body, surgical procedures today enable fat to be removed from unwanted areas which are slimmed and shaped while the unwanted fat is used to shape a great butt.

If you do not have enough fat tissue, if there is no area to remove fat in the hip, abdomen or other body area, Brazilian butt aesthetics can be performed with the application of butt silicone

How to Fix a sagging Butt ?

Butt sagging is among the popular problems applied for hip aesthetics. Especially people who lose excess weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery and those whose skin has lost elasticity due to ageing often suffer from sagging in the butt area.

The problem can be completely corrected with the lifting and stretching procedures applied within the scope of butt aesthetics. In addition to these, buttocks supplemented with fat injections appear tight, upright and full.

The sagging butt problem can be resolved by applying hip tightening and fat injections together

Hip Reduction Operation

The hip reduction operation, which is performed within the scope of hip aesthetic applications, is also performed for aesthetic purposes.

Especially in men, hip size can cause an annoying cosmetic appearance. For those who want to lose weight, the hip area is the most difficult place to lose weight. Furthermore, some people have the tendency to gain disproportionately more weight on the hips.

These people have a butt reduction operation to gain necessary balance in their bodies. The procedure is performed with the liposuction method. Thanks to this procedure, the excess fat masses on the hips are carefully and diligently removed.

Thus, smaller and more proportional hips are obtained. This method is definitely not a weight loss method. A certain amount of fat can already be taken from the hips. In case of excess fat removal, cellulite appearance, crenation or sagging can occur.

Therefore, proportional fat intake is very important. If you have excess fat accumulation in your hip area although you eat healthily and exercise, this is the only method that can resolve your fat accumulation problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Butt Aesthetics

Question: Are butt aesthetic operations risky?

Answer: There are risks associated with anesthesia in buttock aesthetic operations, as in other surgical interventions. As you know, the probability is very low

In butt prosthesis applications, it is essential to rest, especially for the first 15 days. Wound dehiscence or delayed wound healing problems can happen in butt silicone applications, albeit at a low level.

Question: Does the silicone prosthesis need to be renewed?

Answer: The prostheses used are actually life-long, but since the butt area is a very load-bearing area, it may be necessary to replace the prosthesis at certain intervals, say every 10 years depending on both the quality of the prosthesis used in the operation and the usage.

Question: Does butt lift surgery leave any scars?

Answer: Fat injection is the most common application in buttock aesthetic operations and no scars are formed in this procedure. In prosthesis applications, the area where the operation is performed is between the two hip folds, and since this area is not visible, even if there is a scar, it is not visible from the outside.

In butt lift and tightening operations, a thin line trace will be formed in the upper fold of the butt. However, this trace will become obscure over time and will not bother you.

Question: Do stitches need to be removed after the operation?

Answer: Self-absobing threads are used in butt augmentation aesthetics. Therefore, there is no need for stitches to be removed. If self-absorbing thread was not used, the stitches should be removed after about 2 weeks. We generally use self- absorbing suture materials in our applications

Butt Lift Prices 2022

Butt aesthetics prices vary depending on whether they are applied together with fat injection to the butt, buttock prosthesis application, butt lift surgery or aquafilling filling application. Feel free to call the clinic for up-to-date price information about buttock aesthetics.

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