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Nose Aesthetics

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What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Nose Aesthetics; Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed for people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose. We can say that it is one of the most preferred and successful results among aesthetic procedures.

People who want to have a more characteristic and aesthetic appearance prefer this procedure. After the necessary examinations are made, it is decided whether the person is suitable for the operation. Subsequently, the operation is performed so that the person has a brand new perfect nose.

Who is a candidate for Nose Aesthetics?

The answer to the question of gets a rhinoplasty is one of the most wondered about subjects. Many people consider surgical intervention because they are uncomfortable with the appearance of their nose. However, of course, surgical operations are not interventions that can be easily applied to everyone.

Certain criteria must be met. First of all, there is an important age limit for rhinoplasty operation. This age limit is 16 for women and 18 for men. One of the other factors to be considered for those who qualify for this age limit is whether they have any health problems that may prevent surgical intervention.

burun estetiği

In general, only the specialist doctor will be able to decide who is suitable for rhinoplasty. After a detailed examination, you will be informed about this. Although it is not a very difficult and risky operation, sometimes various situations can prevent surgery.

How is Rhinoplasty done?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that is generally performed under general anesthesia. It is very rarely performed with local anesthesia. How are rhinoplasty procedures performed? Before giving information about the subject, we would like to talk about open and closed procedures.

Successful results are obtained in both methods and they have their own advantages. In these methods, which are expressed as open and closed, in open operation, your doctor can intervene much more effectively because he can see the inside of the nose better.

We can say that open procedures are more comfortable for shaping as better access is ensured to the nasal septum. The only disadvantage of this operation is the post operative scarring. However, this scar is a very minimal scar and it heals completely over time.

In closed nose aesthetic procedures, the nose is not opened and the operation is performed by entering through the nostrils. It is much more comfortable than the open operation, but it is not preferred for serious radical interventions.

In recent years, Piezo technique has been applied to shape the bones in open and closed aesthetic nose operations. Thanks to this technique, the cartilage and tissues around the bones are not damaged in the operation, which accelerates the healing process.

Whichever method is preferred, the procedure is painless because it is performed under general anesthesia. Generally, the operation is completed by shaping the nose according to a predetermined modeling.

Preparations before Nose Aesthetics

Thanks to the preparations before the nose aesthetics, both the operation will be more successful and the complications that may occur are reduced. In general, pre-operative procedures include the following;

An anesthesiologist carries out the necessary examinations and performs a general health screening. Thus, it is determined whether you have a health problem that prevents surgery.

Ailments such as colds, flu and the like must be avoided before the surgical intervention. In addition, cases such as herpes, also pose an obstacle to the operation. You should definitely inform your doctor about these issues. Information about any previous nose surgery must be shared. Previous surgical interventions may change the course of your new operation.

If you have a chronic illness or medications you use regularly, you should definitely inform your doctor.

Taking anticoagulants such as aspirin must be stopped at least 10 days before the surgery. On the day of surgery, you should not eat anything as your doctor will inform you.

You should also stay away from garlic and various herbal teas, which also have blood thinning effects before the opera

Since smoking causes delayed healing of wounds after surgical operations, smoking should be interrupted at least 3 weeks both before and after the operation

You should not take any painkillers without consulting your doctor before the operation.

You will have you sign a consent form before the operation. This form is a routine thing that is signed before every surgical procedure. This should not worry you.

burun estetiği

What Should You Know After Nose Aesthetics?

We also want to talk about what should be known after rhinoplasty. Just as it is necessary to pay attention to some important details before the operation, in the same way, some important points should be considered to avoid any problems after the operation. Things to consider after the operation can be listed as follows;

Tampons are used after the nose operation. The removal time of these tampons is determined by your doctor. In the same way, the removal of tampons should be done by your do

After the surgery, you may have a slight burning sensation, dryness and soreness in your throat due to the tampons. This will pass in 3-4 days.

There is generally no severe pain after the procedure. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers for any mild discomfort.

You may also have swelling and bruising under your eyes after the surgery. This will go away in an average of 3-4 days.

You may have some slight bloody discharge from your nose, this is normal. If blood pours out of the mouth and nose heavily, this is alarming and a doctor should be consulted when this occurs. In addition, you should also consult your doctor if you have high fever, sore throat and foul-smelling discharge.

After the operation, you must wait 4 hours for food intake and at least 3 hours for water.

After the operation, you need to rest until your tampons are removed. Avoid exercise and strenuous sports. Do not consume very hard foods and especially try not to consume extremely hot drinks.

Sleep on a high pillow that puts your head above your heart level.

When you need to pick something up off the ground, do it without bending your head too far.

Do not lift heavy objects.

You should nott blow your nose for a while.

Do not take steamy or very hot baths and stay in the shower as short as possible. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun and avoid sunbathing.

Anticoagulants  should not be used before and after the operation.

Are Intranasal Tampons used in Nose Aesthetics

Intranasal tampons are commonly used in nasal aesthetic operations. One of the most important reasons why many patients fear or do not want this operation is this tampon.

The difficulty in breathing during the time the tampon is applied and the feeling of pain, especially when removing the tampon, naturally makes people hesitate.

The main reason these tampons were used is that blood clots form in the nose during the operation and cause swelling. In the past, tampons were used in all surgical nose operations, but currently, tampons are not used in operations performed with some special techniques

In non-padded applications, the process is a form of stapling. Thanks to the tools called septal staplers, the wound surfaces are stapled to each other with threads and they also act as a buffer. In operations performed without the use of tampons, the healing process is both rapid and people do not have swelling and under-eye bruises caused by tampons.

When is the patient discharged?

Rhinoplasty operations are not very difficult, they are interventions in which the patient needs to be very careful after. Unfortunately, unlike other aesthetic procedures, the patient cannot go home right away. After this operation, the patient should be hospitalized for 1-2 days.

Since it is very important for the patient to eat and protect his nose for a few days after the operation, it is much better to be under surveillance in the hospital. The patients staying in the hospital are offered liquid foods.

It is also important for the patient to stay in the hospital for a few days so that any complications that can occur after the operation can be handled immediately. Your doctor will inform you adequately.

Does the Patient Have Much Pain After Aesthetics? Will There Be Bruising or Swelling?

Depending on the procedures and methods applied after aesthetics, patients may experience pain. This pain is not unbearable. In any case, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate drugs for you so that you can get through the process more easily.

When you use these drugs, your pain will at least be reduced to a minimum. Bruising and swelling can actually be among the complications seen after any surgical intervention. It is one of the most frequently encountered situations in aesthetic operations.

Even though the bruising goes away in a short time, swelling can continue for a while in the nose and on the face in general. It will take a few months for the swelling of the nose to recede and take its full shape.

Bruising and swelling are much less common in rhinoplasty performed without tampons. You can be much more comfortable when you choose this

In Which Situations Should Nose Aesthetics Be Performed?

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic intervention that can be preferred by everyone who meets the conditions and is not satisfied with their nose structure. In which cases it is done, we can say that it can be done in any desired situation.

In other words, anyone who does not like the appearance of their nose can undergo this operation for aesthetic concerns or anyone who has health problems. In general, these operations are preferred in the following situations;

  • The nose is too large or too small for the person’s facial structure
  • A curved or collapsed nose
  • Arched nose
  • Low nose tip
  • Deformity at the tip of the nose
  • Having concha bullosa in the nose

Have a condition in the nose that prevents breathing Is There an Age Limit for Nose Aesthetics?

Of course, there is an age limit for rhinoplasty. After all, it is not a procedure that can be applied to people of all ages. The minimum age limit is 16 for girls and 18 for boys. The upper age limit, if there is no health problem that will prevent people from undergoing the operation in general, does not actually exist.

In other words, as an upper limit, people of all ages can have rhinoplasty. But of course, it is necessary to carry out the necessary controls and determine whether the persons are suitable for the operation. Only then can the best decision be made.

What Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgeries are available?

In general, rhinoplasty operations are two types, open and closed. These are divided into different types within themselves. These types, which vary according to the nose structure and wishes of the people, are as follows;

Primary Rhinoplasty: It is the most preferred nasal aesthetic type in general. In these operations, the arch is removed, the cartilage can be reduced, the nasal projection is shortened and a proportional nose commensurate with the face is made.

Complicated Rhinoplasty: It is generally preferred for correcting defects and reshaping noses that have undergone surgery before. It takes much longer than the first surgery.

Tipplasty: In this operation, the bridge of the nose is not touched and only the cartilage is processed. It is also preferred for the correction of the nose tip.

Septorinoplasty: If there is a breathing problem in the nose along with aesthetic issues, this method is also preferred to eliminate the factors that cause it. In particular, this procedure corrects cartilage curvatures and arch problems that obstruct breathing.

Concha Surgery: The flesh in the nose that prevents breathing is called a concha. Concha surgery is also preferred for the removal or reduction of this flesh.

Septoplasty: This method is applied for those who do not want an aesthetic intervention on their nose but have problems that prevent them from breathing. In this surgery, no aesthetic intervention is performed and only the elements that prevent breathing are corrected What is the Recovery Process like after Nose Aesthetics?

One of the most important issues after rhinoplasty is to comply with the recommendations and suggestions offered to you during the healing process. The more you listen to your doctor and are careful, the more comfortable the process will be. First of all, the bruising and swellings that occurs should not worry you.

They are absolutely temporary. In this process, you can apply ice in consultation with your doctor. Standing for a long time and tiring yourself after the surgery will cause your pain to increase. That is why it is important to get plenty of rest.

Liquid foods must be consumed for a few days after the operation. Especially hard to chew and hard foods should be avoided. Eating this way for at least 2 weeks will also contribute to your recovery process. You should not delay your follow-up controls and if you have any problems, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can different operations be performed together with rhinoplasty?

Answer: In nose aesthetic operations, not only aesthetic interventions, but also any condition that negatively affects health can be corrected. In other words, more than one problem can be easily corrected in a single surgical procedure.

Will the breathing problem be resolved after rhinoplasty?

Answer: When the deformities in the nose are corrected, if the elements that prevent breathing are corrected, the breathing problem will also disappear. However, if whatever prevents breathing is not the aesthetic intervention, an extra procedure is performed to eliminate the problem. For example, if the problem is inside the nose, a separate action is taken for it

Does insurance cover rhinoplasty operations?

Answer: If a health-oriented procedure is performed in rhinoplasty operations, insurance covers it. However, when there is an aesthetic intervention, unfortunately the insurance does not cover this procedure.

Why is a facial analysis necessary in rhinoplasty?

Answer: Facial analysis is very important in nose aesthetic operations because only this way the most suitable nose shape can be found. The biggest mistake made in this type of operation is to apply a certain nose shape to everyone in the same way.

However, the size and shape of the nose should be determined according to the facial structure, gender, golden ratio and many other features.

Nose Aesthetics Prices 2022

The subject that closely concerns those who want to have rhinoplasty is the fee to be paid for this operation. When you want to get information about current prices for 2022, you should first contact the specialist doctor who will perform the operation.

There are many important factors affecting the prices of these operations. Important factors such as the basic aesthetic problems in the person’s nose, which methods will be used, whether there is another procedure to be performed together with the nose aesthetic operation, and the choice of clinic and doctor determine the price. Therefore, it is recommended to have an examination first to get detailed information.

Sometimes a single operation is not enough in rhinoplasty. In this case, extra procedures and another surgical procedure cause the price to change.

You can contact our specialists and have a detailed examination to get price information about rhinoplasty. Contact us now to get information about rhinoplasty prices 2022.

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