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Post Bariatric Surgery

What is body shaping?

Post Bariatric Surgery; Weight and obesity is a health problem that is increasing in our age, inviting other diseases and seriously reducing the quality of life of the patient.

Obesity, which is seen proportionally more in developed countries, can be treated, but it is a disease that requires multi-disciplinary action, that is, many branches to act together during treatment.

When patients overcome obesity by losing excess weight, either with their own diet and exercise programs, with a professional nutritionist and medical treatments, or as a result of bariatric surgery treatments of bariatric surgeons, they will need plastic surgeons who are specialized in their jobs at the last stage of the course, the visible part, the reward part that has a direct impact on the psychology of the patient  at the point of starting life again with a new body.

Who are candidates for Post Bariatric Surgery (post-slimming plastic surgery)?

Those who have completed 12-18 months after bariatric surgery

Patients with a stable weight during the last 6 months and a body mass index below 30 kg/m2 No additional disease that will cause wound healing problems

Patients who have reasonable expectations about the results to be obtained with the aesthetic surgeries to be applied

Patients who pay attention to their diet and do sports

How is Arm and Thigh Lift Performed in Post Bariatric Patients?

Sagging in the arms and legs is almost the most problematic and least satisfactory surgeries in post bariatric patients. Performing the lifting on a horizontal plane, symmetry problems, the inability to hide surgical scars due to the area, and the presence of obvious scars despite all precautions make these operations somewhat problematic.

However, when the pre- and post-operative results are compared in patients with severe arm and thigh sagging, the necessity and performance of these surgeries is obvious.

Both operations are performed under general anesthesia. Arm lifting takes between 1-2 hours and thigh lifting takes 2-3 hours. A  patient who has undergone arm lift surgery is discharged 1 day later.

It is recommended that the patient undergoes an average of 10-day recovery period to keep the area clean and dry after the lifting operation. With the use of appropriate corsets, the incumbent can continue regular daily activities in a very short time.

What is Belt Lipectomy (Torsion Plasty)? How is it done?

Significant sagging and excess skin in the body after excessive weight loss cause significant problems. Along with the abdominal skin, sagging occurs in the back, hips, side and back waist areas.

Surgical treatment of this sagging on the torso is performed with ‘Belt Lipectomy’ surgery. Belt lipectomy consists of removing excess and sagging tissues in the form of a belt that wraps around the waist which allows the anterior face of the abdomen and the back to be stretched downwards, and the hips to be lifted up while at the same time gaining volume.

Belt lipectomy is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 4 hours. First, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue in the waist and back are removed. At this stage, if volume loss is evident in the hips, the tissues that are going to be removed from the waist are buried under the hips, thus increasing the volume of the hips.

Subsequently, a classical tummy tuck is performed by laying the patient on his back. Different variations can be added to this operation depending on the degree of sagging skin on the torso and thighs

Breast Lift/Firming Surgery in Post Bariatric Patients

Like all body tissues, deformed breast tissue causes aesthetic problems for the patient. Both sagging and lack of tissue can coexist. Excess skin is removed and the remaining breast tissue is shaped to correct the deformity.

The incision line extends vertically around the nipple, in the area extending down from the nipple, and horizontally into the breast fold area. The scar on the nipple and under the breast fold is generally hidden. There may be patients who need silicone implants to shape the breast.

Is it possible to get pregnant or breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?

The presence of breast prostheses does not constitute an obstacle to pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, it is recommended not to become pregnant within 6 months after the surgery to complete the recovery after the surgery.

Do breast prosthesis surgeries have anything to do with the occurrence of breast cancer?

The FDA has found no evidence of breast cancer development due to the silicone used in breast augmentation. In fact, the rate of breast cancer was found to be lower by 20% in studies conducted on these patients.

When can I do sports after the operation?

All kinds of sports activities should be stopped for 2 weeks. After this period, light exercises such as walking can be started. Especially patients with submuscular prosthesis should avoid heavy exercises including upper body and arm movements for 6-8 weeks.

Is the surgery painful?

In general, the pain after the operation is easily controlled with painkillers. Patients may feel hardening and pain in the breast area. The area can feel tight, numb, itchy, or tender to the touch. Some patients can experience discomfort when raising their arms.

But the amount and duration of pain varies from person to person. Some patients have little discomfort. Others feel it more and longer.

Will there be a wound after the operation?

Medicine has evolved so much to minimize incision scars. Fine and barely noticeable scarring is formed, full healing is determined by the body’s healing potential How long will my implants last?

Implants have an expiration date. This time varies according to the patient. But if the breast implants are not a problem, there is no fixed date for the replacement of implants.

Can breast augmentation be done with fat injection?

Fat injections from fat extracted from the body by liposuction and transferred to the breasts allow augmentation in more limited and small amounts. However, these transferred fats are expected to dissolve somewhat over time. It is possible to achieve a fuller breast structure with a second session of fat injection.

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