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Golden Ratio with Chin Tip Aesthetics

Chin Tip Aesthetics; The golden ratio concept, which became popular with the golden ratio of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, is increasing day by day in chin and nose aesthetics. In fact, we find our nose large and our chin narrow and try to approach this ratio.

Facial beauty is a concept that emerges with the harmony of all the organs on our face. Like the tip of the nose on the human face, our chin is a prominent structure in facial aesthetics. Especially our nose and chin are the most protruding organs of our face and they balance each other visually.

In this application, also called profiloplasty, rhinoplasty and chin surgery are often combined. When viewed from the side, nasal aesthetics is performed for those whose chin is behind the nose, with a prosthesis placed on the chin tip that provides the nose, chin and cheek proportions on the face.

Aesthetic problems concerning the chin can be summarized individually or together as the chin being large, wide, anterior, small, weak and asymmetrical.

Correcting the chin tip is achieved by processing the bone or soft tissue. The procedures performed on the bone are in the form of advancing or regressing the jaw bone. Fat filling or fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be injected into the soft tissue. If the chin is behind, it is possible to advance the chin by placing a prosthesis.

Jaw augmentation is mostly applied with implants in patients with normal tooth structure and jaw development. The chin is enlarged with an appropriate implant placed on the jawbone.

If you have a jaw that is not overly weak and your jaw and tooth structure is normal, this method may be the right choice for you. Implants to be placed in the chin are very diverse. Silicone, Medpor prostheses are the most used ones.

What is the recovery process like after jaw prosthesis surgery?

Recovery time in chin prosthesis surgery differs depending on the method used for the surgery. If only jaw prosthesis surgery has been performed, the patient is hospitalized on the day of surgery and discharged the next day.

After the surgery, the lower lip and chin can be numb. The numbness disappears one day after the surgery. Jaw prosthesis surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. It takes about 1 hour. In general, the prosthesis is placed through an incision made through the mouth.

Self-absorbing sutures disappear spontaneously within 7-10 days. There may be slight swelling and edema in the chin, but this is temporary. Antibiotics and pain relievers are used against the risk of post-operative infection and heavy activities should be avoided.

After the operation, special tapes are used to protect the position of the prosthesis until the swelling subsides.

Does Jaw Aesthetics leave a scar?

Surgical interventions are generally made with a fine incision from inside the mouth or under the chin, therefore no scars are left in visible areas.

Chin augmentation with non-surgical filling

Chin tip filling is an extremely painless and comfortable procedure performed under office conditions. When necessary, special pain relief creams and cooling anesthesia applications are applied. The problem can be fixed painlessly in 15 minutes by chin filling, using hyaluronic acid filling products.

The permanence of the fillings applied to the chin tip lasts about 12-18 months. Filling provides a natural appearance as it is injected close to the bone. You can return to work without the need for any recuperation after the procedure.

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